How it works

Dog Guard® Fencing

Michigan dog guard containment system is not an electric dog fence! The buried wire is not charged. Michigan dog guard and other underground fence systems are forms of underground fence products which use a radio frequency signal. Your dog wears a computer collar that searches for the radio signal. Michigan dog guard buried underground fence should not be mistaken as an electric fence. They are underground radio fences, not electric fences.

14 gauge wire

For the installation of your pet containment system, we only use 14 gauge solid cooper core wire.  Don’t be tricked into thinking there isn’t a big difference in quality of wire

Without the wire, the system cannot function so it makes sense to invest in the best wire you can. Using a high quality, durable direct burial wire will save you time, money, and a lot of hassle down the line. Wire breaks are difficult to find and can be costly and time consuming to repair. Most importantly, they leave your dogs unprotected and your in-ground dog fence system is useless until you fix it.

Some of the benefits of our 14 gauge wire include, more durable, longer lasting performance, high breaking strength and abrasion resistant coating


Installation of the wire

For the installation of the wire we only use a Janick 1500 hydrostatic transaxle trencher.  It has set the bar for the trencher industry. It has a 15 horsepower engine, heavy duty hydraulics, and all of the features that a professional installer will need. This trencher is for installers putting in several fences per week through difficult conditions. This machine provides plenty of power for a 15″ blade and is an excellent choice for most full time installers.

The JANICK™ trenchers minimize turf disruption, which saves you valuable time and labor in the restoration process.  The machine also has a Tuff Torq K-62 hydrostatic transaxle, and a 1/4″ thick steel blade with patented Shark Tooth™ teeth welded in that offer high-wear resistance.

Features such as these allow us to trench easily and effectively, and help to keep costs down to a minimum.

What will your lawn look like after installation

Here is a recent picture of a lawn, moments after wire installation