DOG GUARD Testimonials

Lisa Jakunskas Tucker & Tyco

Tucker & Tyco












Dear Sam & Beth,

“We are so excited that we decided to have Dog Guard installed.  Both service and installation were wonderful.  Your follow-up really shows that you care and believe in what you do.  Before Dog Guard, our Labrador Retriever would be everywhere.  We were unable to work in the yard without having to stop and  look to see where she went.  Neighbors could not walk down the sidewalk without having to say hello to our dog (whether they wanted to or not!).  From time to time she would run out into the street to chase whatever caught her eye.  Since the installation of Dog Guard, I’ve been able to do yard work with her right by my side.  She stays away from the sidewalk with no chance of going into the street.  I can honestly say that this system has been a blessing!  We thank you for you helping us to keep our Isabella safe.  Thank you again”

Rob & Denise R. – Trenton, MI


Our Boys out Playing

Our Boys out Playing

“I highly recommend Sam Verduce and Dog Guard.  The installation was performed in an afternoon and Sam stayed afterward to train our puppy on the new system.  Our puppy has never left the confines of our yard since the system was installed and there have been no hiccups with any of the system hardware or components.  I would have had Dog Guard installed months ago if I had known it would be up and running so quickly and so effectively from Day One.  The program that we purchased was also cost advantageous when compared to others we considered.  After 10 months of using a leash every time the dog had to be taken out, I am not sure who is happier with Dog Guard, the dog or me!” Jim D –




“I am very grateful for the fence & am loving that I am able to go out back with her and watch her play and have fun not being on a tie out line.
I also wanted to tell you how proud I am of her, a few weekends ago we had our sub picnic in our back yard, as well as the neighbors behind us, and I thought for sure she would be tempted to run out and she didn’t!  She laid on the grass and enjoyed watching everyone, adults & kids, from 1 in the afternoon until 12 midnight!  Everyone commented on how well she was doing!   Thanks again for such a great product, smooth transition, and personalized customer service!” Monica – Brownstown, MI



Suzanne's Ferguson Jane

Suzanne’s Ferguson Jane


“The electronic fence has been a liberating change in Fergie’s life.”   – Suzanne G.   Dearborn, MI






Spooky proves that Dog Guard isn't just for dogs!

Spooky the Dog Guard Cat


Dear Beth and Sam,
Thank you for installing a Dog Guard fence for our cat, Spooky. He loves being outside and now we don’t have to worry about him going into the neighbors’ yards. He is able to climb trees and “hunt” in our yard and is healthier from the exercise. We appreciate the time, attention, and support we have received from you. Spooky proves Dog Guard is not just for dogs! – The Christensens

For national testimonials about Dog Guard please click here.  Each of these customers had a positive experience with Dog Guard electronic dog fencing, and have told their story so that you would be able to have the confidence you need to let us protect your pet.

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